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Workers’ Compensation

Nursing Home

One of Captive Planning’s clients was looking for a way to reduce their insurance costs and gain more control over the claims adjudication process without depriving employees of the certainty of insured benefits. Working with their broker, Captive Planning structured a captive to underwrite the company’s self-insured retention through a high-deductible reimbursement policy.

Fronting and Reinsurance

Auto Liability

Several businesses have come to Captive Planning for creative ways to reduce their insurance costs on fleets of automobiles ranging from “black cars,” to ride-sharing, to rental fleets. Whether working with their brokers or through our existing relationships, Captive Planning has developed captive structures fronted by admitted carriers whereby the risk of loss is transferred to the captive insurer which has entered into an indemnity or reinsurance agreement negotiated to take excess layers.

Employee Benefits

Assisted Living

Captive Planning designed and implemented a captive program for a large client that self-insured employee benefits. Working with legal counsel to ensure compliance with ERISA and DOL prohibited transactions issues, the IRS, and state insurance laws, we implemented a program that met all agencies criteria that generated risk distribution and allowed for the deductibility of premiums.

Risk Retention Group

Commercial Auto Liability

Captive Planning designed and implemented a RRG for a large national trucking operation on behalf of its customers that includes commercial trucking liability, non-trucking liability, occupational accident, garage liability, and general liability insurance. In order to limit catastrophic exposure to the RRG, Captive Planning assisted the owners in acquiring and negotiating reinsurance that set both specific and aggregate stop-loss limits. Operationally, Captive Planning handles all aspects of operating the RRG including NAIC filings.

Advisory and Consulting


Captive Planning was engaged by a world-renowned international manufacturing company, the largest in their industry, to provide consulting services to the company’s corporate risk management team to design an alternative risk management structure for all operational activity in the US. Captive Planning proposed a domestic captive to underwrite various risks emanating from operations in the US, which would subsequently be reinsured to its offshore captive. Upon further analysis by Captive Planning of the offshore captive, it was determined to re-domicile the captive to a country that had just entered into a tax treaty with the US.

Group / Association Captive

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Captive Planning was approached by a group of physicians unhappy with the rates they were being charged for their medical malpractice insurance. Upon performing a feasibility study, which included an independent actuarial report, it was determined that if we re-characterized a certain groups of physicians by those that limited their practices to certain areas of medicine, we could significantly reduce their premiums. As a result, we formed a protected cell captive, and the physicians saw their premiums reduced by as much as 30%.

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